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Just like everything over time, we (and I mean the collective human race) seek convenience in most aspects of our lives!

Long life milk certainly falls into that category. Back in the day, we thought long life cartons were fine! Long-life cartons are made out of paper, right?! Well, yes but there are some extra layers which a lot of us aren’t aware of. We sure weren’t until we did some digging. Did you know that long-life cartons are referred to as septic bricks in the industry?

Yes, long-life cartons are in fact made out of paper. But, what happens when liquid touches paper? Paper goes soggy. What do companies do to combat this? They line the paper cartons with a layers of plastic and a layer of aluminium to protect the contents from seeping into the paper carton. Most cartons will also contain a little plastic lid.

The carbon footprint of a long-life carton undergoes a long and arduous journey from your recycling bin to a recycling facility and unfortunately majority do not make it.

There are several different recycling facilities so, once the recycling from your bin is sorted into different categories, plastics are sent to one facility, glass to another and so on and so forth. These cartons have to go to a special facility where they are broken down and the layers are separated through a water mulching process, then these layers are sent off to their respective recycling facility. Sadly only a very small percent are actually successfully recycled. The NSW government have taken long-life cartons off the recycling list so these bad boys are going straight to landfill.

How many cartons of milk do you go through in a week? How many cartons do you think a cafe serving coffee would go through? The number would be exorbitant.

We’ve got a solution – Mylk Bases. Rather than buying a 1L carton of mylk that cannot be recycled, why not buy 10 litres worth in one reusable glass jar?

It’s a simple switch and a sustainable solution to those pesky non-recyclable cartons.

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