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Did you know we’re stocked in 600+ spots across Australia? We’re so grateful for our amazing stockists and thought we’d share the love, starting with our friends at Part&Parcel.

Part&Parcel is an online store that offers a curated selection of organic, sustainable and Aussie made household staples at the best prices – we spoke to Founder Dan about what inspired him and his wife Lia to create Part&Parcel, what they love about our Mylk Bases and their go-to recipe. 

Hi Dan, what inspired you to create Part&Parcel? 

Well-being has always been important in my personal life. When it came to buying nutritious and ethically sourced food for my family, I was amazed at how expensive and confusing this type of shopping could be. I’d go into my local health food store, feel totally overwhelmed, spend $100 and leave with four products.

So, when I was a stay-at-home dad, with my first son, Eli, I found myself driven to make healthy eating more accessible. I didn’t want geography, price, and knowledge to deter people from shopping this way and on my long pram walks, I started to sow the seeds of what is now Part&Parcel. 

Can you tell us more about Part&Parcel? 

Part&Parcel is your local business where you can afford, access, and appreciate the value in choosing quality organic and Australian-made products.

Before any item hits our virtual shelves, we research every ingredient, health-benefit claim and customer review. Not to mention carefully testing the product’s quality for ourselves. When we choose a brand, it isn’t just because they make a wonderful product. They also need to make it wonderfully. Our members can shop comfortably knowing that their products are sustainably made, ethically sourced, and carefully researched and tested. In short, we are an essential base for a wholesome home!

What do you love about Ulu Hye Mylk Bases? 

Firstly, it’s the mylk base concept that we fell in love with. It offers a sustainable style of homemade mylk that is fresh and waste-free. Secondly, there are no exaggerated health claims. Above all else, our members love them. Month-after-month, regardless of season, they’re a solid seller. 

Can you share your favourite Mylk Base recipe with us?

My wife Lia and I are busy parents, so we love some good Overnight Bircher using Ulu Hye’s Nut Mylk Base. It’s a fun dish to involve our kids, Eli and Tai in.

The night before, we chop the fruit and nuts and do all the mixing. We combine oats, dried fruits, a bit of cinnamon then soak them in Ulu Hye Nut Mylk. Then, we add some grated apples into the mix and refrigerate overnight. We serve with a splash of Ulu Hye Nut Mylk and a drizzle of honey. A very simple but delicious breakfast that tastes like a treat. 

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