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Did you know we’re stocked at 600+ spots across Australia? We’re so grateful for our amazing stockists and want to introduce you to some of the amazing businesses that share our values and support our mission. Next up, CERES Fair Food, an organic grocery and ethical online store that has been delivering to Melbourne households since 2010. CERES Fair Food support regenerative farming practices, innovative production and waste free cycles, and also reinvest 100% of their profits back into CERES environmental and social action – incredible stuff!

Find out more about the incredible work CERES Fair Food are doing to inspire and educate others, what they love about our Mylk Bases and their go-to recipe below. Hint: it’s a chickpea sweet treat.

Can you tell us more about CERES and the inspiration behind it?

CERES was established in 1982 and has grown over many decades to include an online grocery, nursery and bookstore, urban farms, ethical wood merchant and education centre.

CERES Fair Food, one of the biggest social enterprises part of the CERES portfolio was founded by GM Chris Ennis 12 years ago. CERES Fair Food delivers organic produce and ethical grocery Monday to Saturday in Melbourne. When you shop with us at CERES Fair Food, 100% of the profits go to CERES Environment Park and the CERES School of Nature and Climate. Since opening, we have contributed over 2 million dollars and taught over 1 million students about how the Earth works and hands-on ways we can take care of it.

We exist because we want to make food fairer and work towards a fairer future. Find out how you can make a difference by simply shopping with us here.

What do you love about Ulu Hye Mylk Bases?

We love the taste, the glass jar and the fact that we can make it exactly as we like it, when we like it and just the quantity as we want! No waste.

Can you share your favourite Mylk Base recipe with us?
The Blondie are super delish! You can find the recipe here.

Three slices o0f vegan blondies with the bottom right hand side half eatenIf you live in Melbourne and want to support an organic and ethical grocer that’s making a positive difference, head on over to CERES Fair Food.

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