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6 pancakes
How to make Ulu Hye's

Plant Based Pancakes

Feeding the masses? Or simply craving a warm, sweet breakfast? You can’t ever go wrong with these plant based pancakes. Best part? They are vegan and gluten free! How wonderful it is you can enjoy a delicious breakfast of pancakes without that bloated feeling afterwards? Whilst we don’t have any wheat or gluten intolerances, we can safely say that we feel 100% when we don’t consume gluten.

These plant based pancakes are light, fluffy, high in protein and with the perfect amount of moisture. Enjoy!

Our vegan friendly pancakes are extremely high in protein. That’s due to the besan and buckwheat flour. Besan flour contains 22% protein. We just love using besan flour in our baking! It gives such a light texture and so nutritious.

We combined it with buckwheat flour which is also high in protein. Did you know that buckwheat also contains the bioflavanoid Rutin? Rutin is a potent antioxidant and supports your body in producing collagen. Excellent for the immune system, anti-ageing and also promotes healthy blood flow and circulation.

Our Nut Mylk Base milk tastes delicious. It’s smooth and creamy. The best part? It’s lactose free! No bloating or upset tummies with this milk.

These pancakes are low in sugar and the excellent healthy breakfast!




In a small bowl combine wet ingredients and set aside

In a medium bowl, sift flour and baking powder in, add salt

Add wet mix to dry mix very slowly, combining well

On a medium heat (with coconut oil to prevent sticking), cook on both side until golden brown

Top with your choice of seasonal fruit, coconut yogurt, coconut flakes, maple syrup - the options are endless!

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