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12-16 balls
How to make Ulu Hye's

Easy Vegan Cookie Batter Truffles

You’ve made, tried and bought truffles before so we’re not going to tell you anything you don’t know about them, except this is going to be your new favourite. These easy vegan cookie batter truffles taste too good for them to be healthy, but they are.

*makes 12-16 balls depending on the size you make them

* Whilst we love this recipe using almond butter, any type of nut butter works just great although peanut butter does tend to be overpowering

These are as healthy as a truffle can get. These easy vegan cookie batter truffles are guilt-free, gluten-free, dairy, refined sugar and soy free. They most definitely are vegan friendly, paleo friendly, high in protein and dietary fibre, just the way we like it! Almonds are rich in calcium and magnesium so a healthy addition to these decadent bites. Dark chocolate will also contain good levels of magnesium but it is important to select a good brand of chocolate, one that doesn’t use any nasties and is made with high quality ingredients.

Keen for more truffle recipes? Got any flavours you’d like us to create? Let us know below what you’d like to see and we will do our best to deliver.


  • 1 cup almond butter
  • ¼ agave syrup (or sweetener of your choice but flavour might very slightly)
  • 2.5 tbsp coconut flour
  • 80g dark chocolate



In a bowl, combine almond butter and agave syrup with a small wooden spoon

Gradually add the coconut flour in a combine until a dough is formed

On a tray, lined with baking paper; roll roughly 1 TBS of dough into a ball and place on baking paper, then refrigerate

In a small saucepan on the lowest heat, or a double boiler, melt dark chocolate

With a teaspoon drizzle chocolate over truffles, or dip truffles in chocolate and completely cover

Place back in refrigerator until chocolate has set, and enjoy!

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