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Nut Mylk Base, the OG of the Mylk Base family at Ulu Hye, is what creamy, dreamy milk dreams are made of. This unique blend of macadamias, cashews and almonds gives such a neutral yet creamy flavour profile and is great in any sweet or savoury dish.

Like all of our Mylk Bases, it comes unsweetened so if you prefer your milk on the sweeter side, simply add in your favourite sweetener when making milk and voila! It’s that easy!

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Our Mylk Bases make making milk easy and convenient, with no nasties. Simply spoon out your desired serve, add water, blend and you’ve got fresh, homemade plant based milk. It’s that easy.  The best part? It takes only 1 minute and allows you to make what you need, when you need.

Our Mylk Bases have been consciously created using only the best raw, certified organic ingredients where possible, to give you a unique base for creamy plant based milk.

We are all environmentally aware of the amount of waste produced and the impact this has on landfill. By purchasing one jar of our Mylk Base you not only get 10 litres of milk in one small reusable or recyclable jar, but you’ve just helped reduce landfill by 10 cartons. Just imagine the positive effect this is going to have on our planet, long term, if we all do our bit.

Better for you, better for the environment.

Servings per package: 40.00
Serving size: 7.50 g


Average Quantity per Serving Average Quantity per 100g
Energy 186 kJ 2480 kJ
Protein 1.2 g 16.5 g
Fat, total 3.8 g 51.0 g
saturated 0.6 g 7.5 g
Carbohydrate 1.1 g 14.9 g
sugars 0.4 g 5.6 g
Sodium 1 mg 9 mg

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Additional information

Weight 550 g
Dimensions 8.5 × 8.5 × 8 cm

Organic Raw Cashews, Organic Raw Almonds, Organic Raw Macadamias, Organic Mesquite, Organic Arrowroot, Macrobiotic Sea Salt

25 reviews for Nut Mylk Base

  1. One more happy customer…

    Can’t believe how yummy the nut mylk is!!! I have wanted to get off dairy for so long but just couldn’t find anything nice to replace it. The real test was putting it in my coffee. I’m a real coffee lover and have tried every other milk substitute and they all tasted revolting in coffee but the nut mylk tastes sooo good! Thanks for making such a great product you have done an amazing job

    Gemma E

  2. Jess Trickett (verified owner)

    Such amazing products! I use the mylk bases daily in smoothies/cooking they are so versatile but most importantly delicious.
    And I love that it helps reduce my family’s household waste going into landfill.
    Highly recommend x

  3. A customer on social media told us…

    This and the Almond are my favourites. I am still just shocked how easy and deliciosu they are. I will never buy cartoned milk again.

  4. One more happy customer…

    I have been using this since the end of 2017 and i wll never go back to store bought stuff. I tell everyone about it, best idea ever.

  5. A customer on social media told us…

    THIS STUFF IS THE BOMB. It got my whole family off dairy! A big round of applause for this invention! Maybe one day you can create a soy base?

  6. Another review from our social accounts…

    I really love this product and use it always but the only thing i don’t love it in is coffee. But cereal, smoothies, baking etc this is the stuff we use.

  7. One more happy customer…

    I have 3 teenage sons and we are all intolerant to dairy. The amount of cartons that were going in our bin was horrifying so finding this stuff was just a god send. We now make 2 litres of it per day and use it for EVERYTHING. Thank you for offering such a genius product.

  8. Another review from our social accounts…

    The best. Love it.

  9. One more happy customer…

    After trying so many types of non dairy milk to which my kids all hated, i found this at the Sydney Vegan Market and we are all low key obsessed. You are both so lovely too which makes it nice to support a small and beautiful business. Keep up the good work ladies

  10. People say the nicest things…

    I buy this from The Source every week and am really happy with it. I hope one day you make an oat one.

  11. One of our customers on social media says…

    The macadamias in this make it super creamy. Really delicious

  12. One of our customers on social media says…

    YUM YUM YUM. Easy to make and even easier to drink!

  13. Another review from our social accounts…

    I brough this at the vegan market. how long i can keep it once opened?

  14. People say the nicest things…

    My daughter has me posting jars of this every time i send her a care package to the UK. She’s obsessed. Do you think you will stock over there?

  15. Another review from our social accounts…

    I have buying this since you guys started and still a fan. i tell everyone about it. keep up the good work.

  16. A customer on social media told us…

    I have a B&B and this is perfect for the guests that can’t have dairy. I simply just make them up a fresh batch on the spot and they are very impressed and happy to be accommodated. It means i dont waste milk as they usually will only have enough for their coffee and cereal so i would normally have to throw out the remainder. Not any more! Thank you!

  17. One more happy customer…

    It’s so easy to make that even my husband will do it! tastes really yummy too.

  18. We heard this one on the socials…

    Believe it or not this stuff makes the best bechamel sauce It’s also really great in an iced coffee.

  19. People say the nicest things…

    I find i need to use 2 tablespoons for a litre but it is yum.

  20. We heard this one on the socials…

    Really love this but would love to see an oat one! Please make my oat dreams come true!

  21. Another review from our social accounts…

    If only more businesses would be as sustainable focused as you guys. really impressive effort in what you have reduced in landfill so far.

  22. People say the nicest things…

    I first heard of this when i won it in a giveaway last year and since then i have only used your mylk bases. They’re really delicious and i love that i am making homemade fresh milk.

  23. Another review from our social accounts…

    After a week of using this stuff i have just thrown out my nut milk bags! Horray for never having to squeeze milk pulp again!

  24. Lara

    I used to go through 2.5 plastic containers of almond milk a week but now it’s one of these jars per month! It’s so simple to make and so delicious. Perfect for oats, Coffee, in curries and any thing else you can think of! I even take it with me when I travel for work so I don’t need to buy nut milk. Never going back!

  25. Raniia (verified owner)

    The milk tastes so good. I also love that it’s so compact (imagine storing 10L of packaged milk in your pantry!) which means I can buy a couple jars and be stocked up for a while. I’ve had it in smoothies, cereals, baked goods, hot drinks (great for coffee). Highly recommend this product.

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