Mini Barista Blend Mylk Base – 150g makes 3-5L

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Our Mini Barista Blend Mylk Base in Almond has been a long time coming and we’re so excited to finally share it with you. The perfect sample size, one jar makes 3-5 litres of delicious, creamy barista blend milk at home and is perfect for coffee and tea. This means you can froth it up beautifully in a steamer or alternatively add freshly made or cold milk to a hot tea or coffee with no splitting!

Once made, you can keep your milk in the fridge for 5-7 days and store the jar in a cool, dry spot for up to 2 years!


Our Mylk Bases make making milk easy and convenient, with no nasties. Simply blend the base with water for a few seconds and you’ve got fresh, homemade plant based milk. It’s that easy.  The best part? Make only what you need, when you need.

Our Mylk Bases have been consciously created using only the best raw ingredients to give you a unique base for creamy plant-based milk.

We are all environmentally aware of the amount of waste produced and the impact this has on landfill. By purchasing one jar of our Mylk Base you not only get 3-5 litres of milk in one small reusable or recyclable jar, but you’ve just helped reduce landfill by 3-5 cartons. Just imagine the positive effect this is going to have on our planet, long term, if we all do our bit.

Better for you, better for the environment.

Ingredients: Almond (min 89%), acacia gum, salt, natural flavour

Pulse in a blender for a few seconds then pour into a glass or bottle and chill. Your milk will thicken once refrigerated overnight or simply use fresh upon making. Store your milk in the fridge for approximately 5-7 days.

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6 reviews for Mini Barista Blend Mylk Base – 150g makes 3-5L

  1. Abigail

    I was super excited to try Ulu Hye’s recently launched barista mylk base!!

    I absolutely love all the Ulu Hye products *and* what they stand for. More than happy to support them and do my little part to help the environment!

    Aside from being an awesome and environmentally conscious small business, the team at Ulu Hye have also been very busy testing and refining this mylk base to make sure the mylk stretches, froths and doesn’t split!!

    I made some up and popped it in my hot tea – absolutely no splitting – the milk stayed together & it was creamy and delicious!! Love it!! 🫶

  2. Helen

    I’ve been waiting for this Barista Mylk Base for AGES and I’m so glad it’s finally here, it didn’t disappoint. Froths up well using my Nespresso and is now part of my morning routine. Feels good to drop the Tetra Paks and make the switch to a more sustainable option. Great product, well done team!

  3. Donna Bailey

    I’m absolutely loving the new barista almond mylk base. It’s definitely delicious and it’s so creamy in my hot chocolates and it was also great in my morning cup of tea. It didn’t split at all.
    I love all the Ulu hye products and especially the fact that the company is environmentally conscious which is hugely important to me.

  4. Mandy Spooner

    I tried this new Barista Almond Base, I use plant milk in my coffee and I buy the ones in the long life milk cartons, where I live the cartons can be recycled by our local council but I’ve always wanted to move away from the cartons to reduce what goes in the recycling bin.

    Hello Barista Almond Paste in glass jars 👋 thank you Ulu Hye!

    It takes 1 min to make, put the paste and water in the blender, blend for 1 minute, and say hello to Barista Almond Milk 👋

    I’m very fussy with my plant milk in my morning coffee so I was a little unsure if this paste would work.

    I can honestly say I’m VERY impressed! It was a great consistency and stayed like it right down to my last sip of the coffee, it tasted great and got the thumbs up from Hubby 👍

  5. Karina Graham

    I’m loving the New Almond Barista Mylk base! It’s super smooth and creamy, great in my morning coffee with No Split and tastes amazing! It frothed up nicely when heated in my milk frother too! Such a quality product.
    Another fantastic addition to the incredible Ulu Hye range. I absolutely Love everything Ulu Hye stand for, allowing us all to do our part easily environmentally and economically on a daily basis.

  6. Luana

    Love their new barista range. It is creamy, tastes delicious, froths up well using my Nespresso and is now part of my family’s morning routine.

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