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This year marks the 5th year of business for Ulu Hye, so we decided to take five with our Co-Founder Heidi to talk about the early days, our recent launch at Woolworths and what’s next! 

(Image: Co-Founders Vasia and Heidi in 2017 at Ulu Hye’s first office)

Hey Heidi, how does it feel to be in your 5th year of business?

It’s such an awesome feeling, given the challenges of the past few years with the pandemic and the competitiveness of the food and beverage industry in general. We’re proud to still be 100% Aussie owned and operated, stocked in 600+ stores across the country and most importantly, growing – not just our range, but our customers. Plus, we have so many exciting things happening this year, from new flavours to a B Corp certification and plenty more surprises!

What does it mean to be stocked at Woolworths

Being stocked in the majors is a dream come true. Being able to help fight this war on waste through major distribution makes our mission even more possible.

Is there anything you wish you knew in your first year of business? 

It’s good to have a timeline but we’ve learnt to be flexible! Things take time, especially when you’re creating a product that doesn’t even exist. From brainstorming the concept to working with food scientists to have a tangible product ready for market, and fine-tuning it, it was quite a lengthy process but obviously all worth it. 

What’s a motivational quote that keeps you inspired? 

A mentor once told me to always bite off more than I could chew and then chew like crazy, which has always inspired me to just ‘go for it’ even though it seems impossible! 

Do you have plans beyond Australia that you could share with us?

We sure do! We’ve got a lot happening behind the scenes with hopes to enter the UK market first and then keep going from there!  

Where do you see Ulu Hye in 10 years?  

My dream is to see our Mylk Bases become a household staple, just like bread and traditional milk. I hope that plant-based food and drinks become mainstream and that our attitudes toward sustainability are more positively ingrained i.e. being a no-brainer and a natural part of everyday living. 

Scooping Almond Mylk Base

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