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This blog is not your average Ulu Hye blog… Our Mylk Bases went on a little adventure out to sea and Lily and Hayden from @thegreenertwo have written this piece and shared their journey. Enjoy!

Life at sea is invigorating, humbling and challenging.

We’ve faced adverse weather conditions, equipment failures, and a few major life adjustments, but we’ve also found absolute happiness and a sense of belonging out here on the ocean. We’ve fallen in love with the wholesomeness of travelling using nothing but the power of the wind and wouldn’t trade our life at sea for anything!

Our sailboat is a cosy 40ft long (which is just over 12 metres). In this small amount of space is our whole life, so to live on a yacht, you’ve really got to learn to be minimalistic and smart with what you pack onto the boat – particularly when it comes to food supply.

Stocking the boat up with food is like an expert game of Tetris. When we stock the boat up, we provision for about 9 months at sea, so not only do we need to pack everything into the boat well, but we need all food items to meet 3 essential criteria:

  • They need to be good on space,
  • hold nutritional value, and
  • produce little to no waste.

Because of this, when we first moved onto our sailing boat, we chose to go without milk. This meant black chai/tea and coffee, milkless hot choccies, dry granola and water-based smoothies. Paperboard cartons not only didn’t meet any of the criteria we had set out, but we also didn’t feel comfortable with supporting an industry that produced such an unfathomable amount of waste (read more about the truth behind long-life cartons here).

So, with all this in mind, imagine the day we discovered Ulu Hye’s Mylk Bases! A reusable 300g glass jar of nut paste makes 10L of fresh nut mylk by adding water in a blender. And not just any old “nut paste” – vegan, paleo, gluten-free, sugar-free, soy-free, emulsifier-free, additive-free, thickener-free, gum-free and preservative-free nut paste! To say it was a good day would be an understatement – it was a flippin’ fantastic day!

Gone were the days of milkless hot beverages. We were now making fresh nut mylk daily (in under 60 seconds!). And, when we finish a jar, we use them for anything storage – filling them with anything from nuts and bolts, to toothpaste, or boat-made relish!

Pro tip – when you make relish, pop it into the jar still hot, and put the lid on. As it cools down, it’ll reseal. This is great for long term storage or if gifting to others.

Over our time using Ulu Hye, we’ve gotten to know some of the team and can hands-down say this is a genuine company run by some of the most beautiful and honest people who live earth harmonious lifestyles. It feels good to be able to support and trust an evolutionary and planet positive company.

“Better for you, better for the environment” – Ulu Hye.

Thanks Ulu Hye! x

With love and fair winds,

Lily Mercieca and Hayden Greener (AKA – The Greener Two).

You can find more about their adventures at sea at –

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