Plant based milk. The nutritious milk extracted from nuts and seeds. Simple, right? Wait! Read the label of a typical non-dairy milk container. It’s a battle between the undigestible and unpronounceable.

Sugars. Emulsifiers. Preservatives. Additives. Thickeners. Hmmmm. We know what you’re thinking: what happened to the nuts? The nutrition?
We thought the same. Our Mylk Bases are changing all of that. Say goodbye to the nasties and dodgy words. Say hello to nutrition and simplicity.
It works like this. You need a jar of our Mylk Base. A spoon. Water. A blender. A handful of seconds. Combine. The result; fresh, homemade, creamy non-dairy milk. That’s your part.

For our part, we only use the best raw, certified organic ingredients where possible. We ignore the nasties. What we don’t ignore: the environment.
One tiny recyclable or reusable jar gets you a mega 10 litres of milk. The maths are simple. One jar reduces landfill by 10 cartons. So if you agree that a healthy body and planet matter, our Mylk Bases will agree with you.

Oh. It tastes great, too.





To make milk – simply blend 1.5-2 tbsp (30-40g) of the Mylk Base along with 1000mls (1L) of water, on high, for 1 minute. Transfer to glass jar or bottle, chill then serve! If you would like to make less or more milk, just adjust the quantity of the base to the ratio of water used.

To make a smoothie add a single serve of the Mylk Base, 1 tsp (7.5g), directly to your blender, along with your smoothie ingredients, 250ml water and blend, allowing you to make your milk and smoothie at the same time.





raw cashews*, raw almonds*, raw macadamias*, raw dark agave syrup*, mesquite*, arrowroot*, macrobiotic sea salt.
(*Australian Certified Organic)



raw cashews*, raw almonds*, raw macadamias*, mesquite*, arrowroot*, macrobiotic sea salt.
(*Australian Certified Organic)


sunflower seeds**, hemp seeds**, MCT oil*, mesquite*, arrowroot*, macrobiotic sea salt.
(*Australian Certified Organic, **Insecticide free)



Raw, vegan, paleo, gluten free, refined sugar free and soy free




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Driven by a desire to live more consciously, Ulu Hye brings you products that are not only better for you, but better for the environment. Founded in Sydney, Ulu Hye is held together by a passion for sustainability, health, innovation and most importantly empowering others to be the best version of themselves.

Each product has been carefully crafted using Australian Certified Organic ingredients where possible, with respect for our ecology at the forefront of our processes.


How best should I store my Mylk Base jar?
Our Mylk Base jars are fine stored in the pantry, however we recommend to use within 3 months if so. However, to meet the best before date, or you live in a very warm/tropical climate, we advise to store it in the fridge. Do note that storing the jar in the fridge can make the contents harden which can make blending the milk a bit of a challenge if you do not have a high powered blender. If this is the case, then storing it in the pantry to keep it softer is totally ok. Once you have made your milk, pop it in the fridge as it is best served chilled when it has had to time to thicken up.
How long does the milk, once made, last for?
Approx. 3-4 days, shaking before pouring as natural separation may occur.
I don't want to make 1 litre of milk, can i make less?
Of course! The beauty of this product is that you can make what you need, when you need. If you know you only use 500ml of milk in a few days, then just adjust the quantity of your Mylk Base to the amount of water.
Should I shake my milk before pouring?
Always give your milk a good shake before use. Separation is normal because we don’t use emulsifiers in our product.
Once the jar is opened, how long will it last?
Each jar has a best before date listed on the jar, please refer to this. This is a guide only due to the fact that each person using our Mylk Bases will store and keep their jar differently. For example, keeping the lid off the jar for long periods of time, or storing your jar in the pantry when living in a warm and/or tropical climate, all may reduce the longevity of the product. To reduce the risk of contamination, we do advise to consume the jar within 3 months of opening.
How can I tell if my milk has gone bad?
It is perfectly normal for the contents of the milk to settle which is why we recommend to give the jar/bottle a good shake before pouring.  If, however, your milk is no longer white, smells a bit funny or has gone a little slimy, then it’s time to chuck it and make a fresh batch.
Can the milk be heated?
Yes, our milks are safe to heat and cook with and are perfect for baking and making desserts!
Are all ingredients in your products certified organic?
The * noted next to each ingredient indicates it is Australian Certified Organic.
Can I freeze Ulu Hye products?
Although freezing does not affect the safety or nutritional content we do not recommend it as the texture can change once thawed.
What is the difference between Original and Unsweetened Nut Mylk Base?

Our Nut Mylk Base – Original contains dark, raw agave syrup. Our Nut Mylk Base – Unsweetened has no dark, raw agave syrup. If you prefer your mylk a little sweeter then we suggest you use our Original base.

Why agave? Isn't it high in fructose and bad for you?

Agave has gotten a really bad rap thanks to certain influencers in the media. Unfortunately, this is not an accurate presentation of all agave syrup. We use Loving Earth dark, raw, agave syrup which is minimally processed, providing vitamins, minerals and enzymes that are not commonly found in other sweeteners. The colour of dark agave purely means that it has not been filtered, again maintaining a high mineral content. Agave contains no starch. Rather, inulin. Inulin bypasses the stomach and small intestine and is digested in the large intestine. Inulin is a prebiotic which feeds the beneficial bacteria within the large intestine. Agave is absorbed slowly in to the bloodstream providing it with a low glycemic index, making agave diabetic friendly. Yes agave syrup does contain some fructose. Fructose is only an issue in those with fructose malabsorption which is a symptom (not a condition) of something else going on within the gastrointestinal tract. We always advocate a balanced diet, therefore no over consumption of any foods, and agave fits into this. Loving earth agave is harvested sustainably. What we love about agave syrup is that it retains all the beneficial components to it, working synergistically within the body.

What is arrowroot and why is it in here?
Arrowroot comes from plants. It is a starch and is a much better option in cooking than corn starch which can come from genetically modified sources. Not only does arrowroot make our Nut Mylk Base thick and creamy, it also possesses some great health benefits. Arrowroot is the highest in protein out of all starches and flours. It is also high in zinc, iron, magnesium and phosphorus and fibre. It may help balance pH levels, improve circulation, assist in lowering cholesterol and increase satiety which may help in weight management. 
What is mesquite?
Mesquite is high in minerals and has a low glycemic index (GI). Mesquite is basically the whole pods ground up, so it is naturally high in fibre too. It fills you up, balances your blood sugars and we thought this was a great addition!